EFT Couples Therapy

Please Note: I am not accepting new clients at this time.

When distressed couples come to therapy it is often because they are stuck in cycles of relating and unable to free themselves from these cycles without help. As a result, partners end up feeling more and more hurt, angry, alone, and far apart from each other.

In a safe environment I can help you:

  • Decrease conflicts and lower reactivity
  • Understand and identify your destructive cycle of relating
  • Discover and name the painful feelings that fuel this cycle
  • Develop understanding of and empathy for each other
  • Restore safety and trust and become a team again
  • Learn to interact in new ways that reinforce intimacy and connection

With the help of therapy you can regain the love, safety and connection that you have lost, reinforce the strengths in your relationship as well as develop new ways of being with each other and a deeper intimacy.

In my work with couples I practice a specific model of therapy called Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT)